Thierry BRETOUT, elected head of the CRCC in Paris

Thierry Bretout

Thierry BRETOUT our President, has been elected to the company of auditors of Paris (CRCC of Paris) for a term of 4 years.

Thierry Bretout


Thierry Bretout born in France in July 1965. In May 1985, at its output INSEC, he joined Berard and Company, a firm with a strong tax advisory dimension. After his military service in 1988, he joined Fiduciaire Générale de Paris, the audit firm specializing in the media, with clients such as:

  • Print media: le figaro, France soir, France Antilles, Paris Normandie
  • Radio: FUN RADIO
  • Television: La Cinq

Thierry Bretout integrates April 1990 the firm Philippe ROUER with which he founded in 1997 ROUER, BERNARD, BRETOUT.
He is involved right from its start in the early 1990s to the digital revolution and the “boom” of new technologies.

In 1992, he became the first ISP Compuserve Council (Internet Service Provider) in France, then the board of AOL, PSINet, Worldcom, of Oléane (orange professional internet), Akamai, Slope, Versata, VAlynux.

Under his leadership from international customers exceeds 50% of total turnover. Thierry Bretout during this period launches “Practices” Business-consulting and Corporate Finance.

To support its customers both French and international, it creates international RBB network of professionals present in 8 countries, with 100 employees and 20 associates. Rouer Bernard Bretout becomes RBB Business Advisors.

To enhance the overall approach and service offerings, Thierry BRETOUT creates simultaneously:

Finally, he became administrator Axeleo first French accelerator, funded by the French Tech then launched the “practice” financial modeling and evaluation.

CRCC of Paris

CRCC of Paris‘s mission control and support for auditors.

In this it has sovereign functions such as control and monitoring of auditors activity, the establishment of conciliation, the organization of elections and the collection of contributions.

The CRCC can implement also not provided by the legislation services to assist auditors in performing their missions. This is the case of the CRCC of Paris that set up the last fifteen years a legal committee which answers questions from colleagues.