Thierry Bretout


Media and IT expert, Thierry mostly works on consulting and structuration missions. Thierry is also a formely CRCC deputy , a currently CNCC deputy and special animator of « Cap sur le numérique ».


Bernard Planquette


After 16 years in a large accounting firm working closely with PwC, Bernard joined RBB in 2005, and became a partner two years later, and appointed as COO. With a degree in chartered accounting and auditing, he has acquired skills both in the production of reportings and in carrying out long-term missions for clients, mainly to ensure accounting management and administrative and financial management tasks.

Jean-Baptiste Bonnefoux


After having founded a web agency in 1997 and spent 12 years with Ernst & Young Audit, of which 5 years in Capital Markets department, Jean-Baptiste joined RBB in 2011 as a partner and was appointed as COO in 2014. With a degree in chartered accounting and auditing, Jean-Baptiste manages RBB audit department as well as transaction services (due diligence...) line. Jean-Baptiste has an extensive practice of hi-tech, telcos, web and software companies.

Marc Baijot

After working in an auditing firm, Marc joined RBB in 1994. He has a degree in chartered accounting and auditing and became a partner in 2002. He manages the auditing department and works also on accounting engagements as well as on the firms large client mandates, in particular in the context of organization and consulting activities.

Pierre Bouillon

After 3 years at the head of the accounting department of a consulting firm, Pierre joined RBB in 1995 and became partner in 2007. Pierre is memorialist chartered accountant. He has acquired skills in the management of foreign subsidiary groups and in the production of reportings, in organization and internal control implementation as well on ERP deployment.

Isabelle Defay

After 8 years in a chartered accountants firm, Isabelle joined RBB in 1999. Isabelle became a partner of RBB in 2008. In charge of accounting department and exceptional assignments within RBB, Isabelle also leads reorganizing & transformation engagements and takes functions of administrative, accounting and financial management.

Stéphane Le Goc

StephaneLeGoc "After a first experience in a charted accountancy firm in Paris, Stéphane joins RBB in 2000, then became partner in 2008. Stéphane manages our office located in Brittany and with Thierry BRETOUT he achieves the development of our professional activities in this area. Besides he is specialized in the assistance to the creations of small and medium size firms and the realization of any related missions. Stéphane is also in charge of SURFI reportings for financial institution."

Sandra Lewandowski

After an internship at RBB as part of her master degree, Sandra joins the RBB in 2001 and became partner in 2012. Memorialist chartered accountant, Sandra has acquired skills both in the production of reportings within international context, as well as assistance and consulting for young innovative companies (R&D tax credit, Young Innovative Companies status, business plan review). She is also acting in internal process review and internal control implementation.

Bertrand Usunier


Bertrand USUNIER, who leads RBB Corporate Finance, has evolved in the IT sectors for more than 30 years. He has led companies in France and Europe such as CompuServe (Acquired by AOL), PSINet (Acquired by Interoute) and Verio (Acquired by NTT Communications). Bertrand USUNIER combine entrepreneurial experience and financial competence. He is a member of the College of Evaluators of the CCEF (Compagnie des Conseils et Experts Financiers) and a member of the SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts). Bertrand Usunier is a graduate from Neoma Business School.

Hervé Uzan


After more than 25 years spent into the Corporate and Investment bank environment, notably in the structuring and lead arrangement of large cross border transactions, Hervé decided to join RBB Group in 2019, so as to create RBB REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, an affiliate in charge of financial advisory services dedicated to real estate professionals. Late 2021, he enlarged his scope of activities by leading so called RBB ADVISORY, the affiliate providing services for both real estate actors and other sectors (Corporate Finance).
In addition, he engaged into developing cross border financial advisory services by relying on the RBB INTERNATIONAL alliance.
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