Axeleo organizes a meeting for Startups at RBB

Meeting for startup

On May 21, 2015, RBB Business advisors received the entrepreneurs meeting / start ups axeleo. Axeleo is an accelerator dedicated exclusively to French startups B2B. It delivers a 18-month acceleration program specifically designed to support startups B2B high tech, this promoting growth and generating stable revenues for the company.


Axeleo, a B2B program

Axeleo catalyzes a community of more than 50 entrepreneurs, experienced business leaders, experts in cross-cutting areas and business leaders. This acceleration program remains the first supported by the French Tech Venture Fund program.

Their acceleration program of 18 months provided all necessary assistance to the commercial, financial and organizational imperatives to accelerate development that aims internationally. They focus on the development, sales (direct, indirect and online), validation of markets, recruitment, fundraising and development internationally.

As a reminder, the French Tech means all players in the ecosystem of French startups. It is also an innovative public policy through the French Tech Initiative at the service of the collective and growth startups.

The French Tech brand is a tool for mobilization in France and internationally radiation. The growth of startups is the heart of the French Tech initiative. The lever is not used to provide public support to startups or to invent new public facilities or even to plan a coordinated development, but:

  1. stimulate ecosystem dynamics, driven by private actors.
  2. enhance coherence and clarity of public action for startups.

RBB Accelerator

For the record, the subsidiary RBB business advisors, RBB accelerator is a shareholder and member of the steering committee Axeleo. Remember, RBB Accelerator is a company offering services with high added value to startups, bringing them the means “industrial” and sometimes financial for them to grow faster and achieve their ambition to become world champions.

RBB Accelerator intends to help his best ecosystem of startups through an innovative and personalized support. Obviously with such actors can only bring good things for everyone.