RBB Innovation : Creation by RBB Business Advisor

RBB Innovation

RBB Business Advisors is pleased to announce the creation of RBB Innovation Group company specializing in the research of public and private funding on behalf of innovative businesses.


RBB Innovation funding is a engineering company that aims to help companies booting up of capital increases.

Its expertise and methodology are the results of over 30 years to support daily business leaders in their funding problems.

Its added value lies in its ability to propose a comprehensive funding strategy by linking all public funding as levers (grants, advances, loans) and private (capital investment, bank loans, etc.).

For its approach and process, RBB Innovation provide meaningful and lasting professional relationship and develop winning solutions for everyone. This approach is based on the deep knowledge of their colleagues on different trades and mission execution through short circuits, by partners or by very senior teams.


In a difficult context, access to financing for businesses is an essential element in their development. The state spends about € 60 billion business support each year through more than 6000 devices provided by approximately 1,000 access machines (source).
The ecosystem of public support is both complex and changing, making the time-consuming research funding (public aid barely legible, changing).

RBB Innovation cycle

To support its clients effectively, RBB Innovation developed a methodology ensuring easy access and optimized for all financing which they are entitled as part of their development projects.

Its mission of accompaniment is structured into three phases; analysis of the project to be financed, until aid:

Phase 1 – Analysis of maturity and identification of public aid

  • Study of the level of corporate maturity
  • Study of development projects and the need for funding
  • Identification of potential state aid
  • Selection and installation of the funding strategy.

Phase 2 – Constitution of records and submission of projects

  • Constitution of administrative records, financial and technical with the participation of stakeholders
  • Mounting the funding application files
  • Submission of projects to agencies instructors involved.

Phase 3 – Monitoring and support

  • File follow up with agencies getting help
  • Regular watch on the corresponding funding opportunities to the needs of our customers.