RBB International: Launch of the website

RBB International

Launch of the RBB International website , new independent European network of public accounting, auditing and consulting. Hopefully this website will be a central place for all the RBB International Members.

RBB International


RBB International is a network of accountants, audit and independent business consultants who provide clients with accounting department, audit, evaluation, transaction support and advisory business services.

This network has members in North America and Western Europe. All RBB International members are independent high-quality companies, mostly founded by former CEO. His motto, offering you the best local practices with a global service.


A network is a powerful tool to bring more expertise, new ideas, flexible planning and the benefit of the assistance between the members of the latter.

RBB International Strategy is to support companies in their international operations, particularly as a bridge between North America and Western Europe.

RBB International contacts in the fields of activity of the other continents (South America and Asia), but we have voluntarily decided to focus on the world of Western business.


RBB International does not practice itself in the field of accounting and does not provide consulting services to companies, it works only as an administrative resource for its members. These services are provided by the independent members and the corresponding international companies RBB.

Members include RBB in the name of their company are classified as other network firms in accordance with the requirements of the EU and IFAC. Member firms that do not include RBB on behalf of their company are not network firms and belong to the Alliance as full members or correspondents.

The Alliance is not a joint venture, partnership or joint network between participating firms. Because the alliance firms are independent, international RBB does not guarantee the services or the quality of services provided by participating companies.