RBB at a glance

RBB Business advisors firm was founded in 1982 in Paris.

RBB Business advisors has developed over the years a number of specializations including:

- Assistance in the establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies, and in the production of reporting to the parent companies of these subsidiaries in different accounting standards (US GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS ...)
- Monitoring innovative companies with high development (start-ups).

RBB Business advisors remains independent of major networks, which gives it a real asset, complete freedom of action to better serve its customers, responsiveness and professionalism.
To ensure this independence and to support you in your international operations, we created RBB International, an alliance of independent accounting auditing and consulting firms, covering the main European countries and North America.


Our offices

RBB RBB Business advisors operates through its two French offices (Paris - Carnac) and its subsidiary in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

RBB Paris

RBB Paris
133 bis, rue de l’Université
75007 PARIS – France
Phone: +33 1 53 57 92 10
Fax: +33 1 53 57 92 39
Email: contact@rbb-paris.com

RBB Luxembourg

RBB Luxembourg
51 Bd Grande Duchesse Charlotte
Phone: + 352 27 177 522

Email: contact@rbb-luxembourg.com

RBB Ouest

RBB Ouest
6 avenue de l’Atlantique
56340 CARNAC – France
Phone: +33 2 97 52 78 78

Email: contact@rbb-ouest.com


subsidiaries and partners

Our subsidiaries

RBB Corporate finance

RBB Corporate finance is an independent consulting firm in mergers & acquisitions with companies, financial institutions and contractors. RBB Corporate Finance focuses on the interests of its customers through the implementation of a service “bespoke” guarantying the continuing involvement of its partners. RBB Corporate Finance is a CIF, member of the CCIFTE association approved by the AMF

RBB Innovation

RBB Innovation is a subsidiary of Group RBB Business advisors and is specialized in the research of public and private funding on behalf of innovative companies. RBB Innovation is assisting innovative structures with implementation of appropriate funding dedicated to innovation, export activity and all kinds of investments.

RBB Accelerator

RBB Accelerator is a subsidiary of Group RBB Business advisors and is providing all kind of advices dedicated to innovative companies to notably accelerate their commercial, financial and marketing growths.

Our integrated partners

To better serve our clients, we have affiliated companies providing complementary services

RBB Training

RBB Training is specialized in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) training. The company ensures the achievement of training materials customized and tailored to the specific needs expressed by customers, usually large companies, provides leadership training sessions and monitors made up of trained personnel.

RBB international

Officially launched in 2012, RBB international is a network acting in main European countries and in the United States of independent high quality firms, mostly head by former Big 4 people, covering the full set of accounting, auditing and consulting services.

Our preferred partners

RBB Business advisors group is in continuous evolution and growth, and has developed an extensive network of preferred partners that allows us to strengthen our approach to global services.


Axeleo is the main partner of our RBB accelerator subsidiary. Axeleo is the first B2B accelerator for French tech start ups

Our aproach

Making strategic moves requires a perfect knowledge of financial information to support your growth objectives. Focus on your professional objectives, while we look after the rest.

It is essential for us to be proactive with our clients in order to supply them quickly with the information they need rather than just react.

Through our approach and actions, we create constructive and long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. In fact, we develop winning solutions for all.

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Our strenghts

You will always have a direct access to the partner in charge of your company. This partner will realize part of the job and will be able to answer you at any time. This is key to ensure quality, security and efficiency.

Our tools are tailored for your specific requirements. Because you are unique, we integrate your features and take your distinct way of operating into consideration.

Our multidisciplinary teams are formed with the greatest care. In this way, experience, training, skills and personalities complement each other to serve you better.

Our rigorous work methods and our structured approach guarantee that our work is exemplary. Because you are demanding, we provide top quality services with high added value.

Our firm, of medium size, builds true relations of confidence and proximity with you. More than a supplier, we are your partner and follow you throughout your development, as an example we have many client credentials, that we have been serving for many years.


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