Our practice of French, Anglo-Saxon (US GAAP, UK GAAP) and international (IFRS) standards and our proactivity give us a privileged relationship with international groups and their subsidiaries. Independent of any international network, our freedom of action is a competitive advantage which allows us to offer you, with high reactivity, more comprehensive and tailored services.

We take in charge:


– Bookkeeping
– Accounting supervision and revision
– Production of annual accounts
– Carrying out physical inventories
– Accounting adjustments
– Specific operations and transactions
– Consolidated accounts
– IFRS and US GAAP accounting
– Production of provisional accounts
– Production of statutory bank statements: SURFI statements.


– Production / review of all usual tax declarations
– Production of annual corporate income tax returns
– Tax consolidation
– Intrastat returns

Administration and management

– Production of reporting in accordance with the international or the groups standards
– Setting up of applications for recovery of accounting data from a foreign ERP and integration into accounting products in the legal French format
– Production of management charts and other tools to help in decision-making
– Financial statements
– Production of financing plans and charts
– Assistance in drawing up budgets
– High-level (management) accounting temporary replacements, and on all secondary levels
– Setting up cost accounting

Labor law

– Drawing up pay slips and the related periodic social declarations
– Generation of payroll book-entries
– Realization of formalities for hiring
– Help with legal documents for employees leaving the company
– Management / follow-up of absences and holidays
– Assistance in setting up and following the company profit-sharing schemes
– Calculation of the legal profit-sharing scheme or dispensation agreement
– Calculation of retirement benefits


Our teams have both a mix background of accountants and auditors. It means that they do for others what they will audit within your company. It is a tremendous advantage for you because they will identify and report added value findings, in risky areas like tax or payroll ones and of course it guarantees that they have a practical expertise in French and IFRS GAAP. All our audit engagements are performed under AuditSoft, a software aligned with our French Professional rules that guarantee that we fulfill our standards and can save time to give you more advices and report more findings within the limit of what is acceptable under our professional regulation.

We carry out the following missions:

Legal audit

– Auditing
– Transformation/merger audit and audit for approval of contributions to capital
– Other legal auditing
– Co-auditing
– Internal controls

Contractual audit

– Auditing of procedures
– Organization audit
– Valuation
– Acquisition audit
– Accounting audit


To manage a company successfully, it is essential to anticipate. Our role is to inform you of the state of your resources and to recommend solutions to optimize them.

Nos conseils couvrent notamment :

Fiscal law

– Assistance for the tax audit
– Tax optimization (research tax credit, training tax credit, trade tax optimization, tax rebates, ceilings etc…)
– Help in choosing a tax system adapted to the economic structure
– Optimization of the directors income tax status
– Assistance in tax matters, according to the needs expressed and / or the identification of opportunities resulting specially from changes in regulation


– Definition and setting up of administrative and accounting organizations
– Drawing up of procedures manuals and risk and control matrix
– Help with head office domiciliation (temporary housing)
– Help in choosing information systems
– Help in evaluating the technical skills of candidates when recruiting financial and accounting personnel
– Assistance for optimization and implementation of organizations, according to needs expressed and / or the identification of opportunities
– Assistance in implementing and following up corporate philanthropy actions
– IFRS specialized training

Labor law and human resources

– Assistance for the social security audits
– Optimization of the social cost
– Management of relations with the OSH administration or any other inspection organization
– Optimization of the social status of the directors
– Assistance in social matters, according to the needs expressed and / or the identification of opportunities arising specially from changes in regulations
– Human resources management

Financing (in association with our partner)

– Assistance with bank negotiations
– Study of investment opportunities