Congress of Accountants – Presence of RBB

Congress of Accountants

Following the change of our texts and changing regulatory requirements, 2015 is the year in which the profession must take ownership of the new opportunities available to it, organize to enter the digital economy become a key player.

This congress focused on the human dimension, will be developed around three axes:

  • Adapting traditional missions thanks to digital (online accounts, data files of the accounting records, archiving, online payroll data acquisition, document exchange …) so that the accountant is modern;
  • The development of new professions and new missions using digital (full administrative service and cash support to e-commerce, information systems audit …) so that the accountant is innovating;
  • The efficiency and performance of the organization even cabinet thanks to digital (e-marketing, presence on social networks, teleworking …) so that the accountant or entrepreneur!


During this congress, the profession has taken the action of the digital revolution and its challenges, the necessary changes in methods, processing of fiscal and law imposed flash development and popularization of digital tools and related services.
The second day of the congress was marked by the presence of Manuel Valls, who stressed the need uberisation anticipation of the economy, for it is not sustained, and strongly reaffirmed the trust placed by the government in the profession, first counselor of business and ready to face the challenges of the digital. He recalled that « your areas of expertise have evolved, you have acquired new. The accountants have become tax experts, social experts, management experts in corporate social responsibility in funding. They will be tomorrow experts in digital.  »


Congress of Accountants - Presence of RBB

Foreign accountants have been honored repeatedly by Philippe Arraou and the whole profession. International conventions were signed with the AICPA, ACCA, ONECCA Burkina Faso, the CNCC Algeria, Slovakia and Skau OEC Tunisia. Mark Koziel, vice president of the AICPA, presented the contents of two white papers on the digitization of the economy, the opportunities and solutions that open the accountants.
Many agreements were signed, including with the National Chamber of Bailiffs (CNHJ), which is a first step towards interprofessionnality with Finexkap and EOS Venture around financing solutions, with the Association of University Women ‘Accountancy (AFECA) and Nickel Account with around support for companies endorsing the « Account-Nickel Business ».

Big Data Conference

Thierry BRETOUT and Jean-Baptiste BONNEFOUX hosted a conference on big data at the Congress of Accountants on Thursday 1 October 2015.

The wind blows hard on any digital occupation, and we must understand the challenges and seize the opportunities! One of these challenges is the growing wealth of information. The increasing number of data of all kinds, quantitative (numbers, statistics, etc.) or qualitative (studies, analyzes, etc.) has led to the obsolescence of traditional analysis and conventional database systems management tools so that now forces us to talk about big data. Understanding and analyzing these « mega-data » is not necessarily obvious to everyone.

Yet it is crucial for any professional activity to successfully collect data endogenous but also exogenous to the firm through the use of valuable information which contain numerous market research and industry analysis.
New methods and new tools are emerging to enable you to obtain and use the information necessary for the completion of tasks and customer satisfaction … in good economic intelligence.

The goals of the conference were:

  • Explain the risks, the challenges of big data and business intelligence
  • Identify opportunities for the profession
  • Understand the value of business intelligence
  • Knowing the use of big data
  • Make the connection with accounting, particularly in terms of issues (human resources, professional approach …) risks and opportunities associated


The profession is now fully engaged in the digital challenges. European issues are in focus, with the 71st Congress of the Order, to be held in Brussels from 28 to 30 September, 2016.